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Oxytrol treats symptoms of overactive bladder via reduction of muscle spasms of the bladder and urinary tract.

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Oxytrol reduces bladder pain and discomfort with its anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties. How to use Oxytrol: Take Oxytrol 1 hour before you need to go to bed. Do not take it after your bath or shower. After taking Oxytrol for a day, take 2-3 tablets of Oxytrol daily. Do not take Oxytrol before taking your daily medication, such as medicine for arthritis, or other antihistamines or diuretics. After taking Oxytrol 3-4 times a day, stop Oxytrol and do not take it for another 2-3 days, or for up to a week, to allow the body to get accustomed to its effects. For best results take your Oxytrol with a meal. It is a good idea to take this medication with a glass of water before taking your meal, so you do not miss out. If you take too much Oxytrol or take it in the evening before you need to go to sleep, stop the medication and get up early in the morning. Do not take Oxytrol in the evening before your bath or shower. Do not drink alcohol, take The effect of Oxytrol is to reduce bladder spasms, increasing urinary continence, and improving urinary function in patients with overactive bladder or urinary tract symptoms. Oxytrol is not available over the counter. Oxytrol is used in conjunction with medications to treat excessive urine production, urinary retention and constipation. It can also be used as an antidiuretic agent to reduce bladder inflammation. How to use Take Oxytrol by mouth (with the tablet). Take Oxytrol with water. Oxytrol may be taken by infusion. What is the most important information for patients? Oxytrol contains a large group of bioactive compounds which may have an adverse effect. Do not use Oxytrol for treatment of a bladder or urinary infection. Do not use Oxytrol if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Oxytrol may cause side effects. Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you have any of these conditions: diabetes diabetes mellitus diaphragmatic problems liver disease nausea and vomiting stomach problems trouble swallowing vomiting Oxytrol inhibits the actions of the enzyme cyclooxygenase which causes excessive production of prostaglandins from the body which causes spasms and constipation. In addition, Oxytrol reduces muscle spasms, bladder spasms and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms, which are symptoms that may be associated with overactive bladder syndrome. In order to prevent muscle spasms and constipation, the patient should use Oxytrol regularly for 3 days per week. Oxytrol reduces the activity of muscles of both kidneys and bladder to reduce the need for medication. Oxytrol works by preventing acetylcholinesterase enzyme from converting acetylcholine into prostacyclines. Oxytrol also prevents the breakdown of prostacycline in urine by inhibiting the activity of acetylcholinesterase, and therefore the release of prostacyclines into urinary urine. Oxytrol is also used in pregnancy, as it reduces the production of the prostacyclines and prostaglandins from prostaglandin E 2 . Progesterone is also converted by the body into prostaglandins and prostacyclines. Oxytrol is also effective for reducing the levels of the prostacyclines in the body, as this is the cause of the excess prostaglandin levels, which is a risk factor for osteoporosis. Oxytrol is currently being studied in women over the age of 30, with the aim of developing a treatment that will decrease the incidence of recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and reduce the rate of bladder and kidney damage. Oxytrol is used for treating bladder spasms. Oxytrol treats symptoms of muscle spasms of the bladder. A small amount of oxytrol is found in tea or coffee.
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