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Anafranil works on the central nervous system and treats obsessive compulsive disorder, panic attacks, depression, and ongoing pain.

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Clomipramine HCI
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10 mg;25 mg;50 mg;
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Product information

Anafranil is sold in tablet form and is available by prescription. This drug has received rave reviews from patients and has been approved in the US and UK for use. It also treats depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, and more.  The FDA approved an oral version of this medicine in 2014. Anafranil can be purchased over-the-counter at a pharmacy or by calling your health care provider (check the label).    Anafranil is also available in an injection form. For information regarding Anafranil and the risks of taking it, see this article . Anafranil's side effects can include diarrhea, stomach pain, and nausea.  For more information, contact your healthcare provider. The most common side effects with Anafranil are: diarrhea; nausea; constipation; dizziness; headache; and vomiting .  For more information on Anafranil side effects and their possible causes, consult the following: Anafranil Side Effects If Anafranil is prescribed to someone who has a history of anxiety or panic attacks, there may be an increased risk that the medication might worsen those symptoms (such as anxiety or panic attacks).  To avoid that possibility, avoid any medications that might make it difficult to tolerate Anafranil ( It can also be used for chronic pain.  I'm not sure if it's a painkiller, an appetite suppressant, or a combination.  It works, and I don't want to lose that ability to feel pain, because I have it in me.  But, it is an amazing painkiller, which is the reason it is prescribed.  You don't have to be a doctor to use Anafranil for pain.  You just have to know what you're getting. I've seen an online forum post that says, "Anafranil works for me, but the side effects are not as great as with other painkillers," which is completely wrong.  The side effects can be pretty terrible.  They can be really horrible for a long time.  It's just not worth the potential side effects.  I know this because I've tried them, and they were pretty terrible for me. The side effects of Anafranil include: headache and fatigue nausea/vomiting dizziness/lightheadedness dry mouth dry skin nausea vomiting The medication is taken for a short period of time and the side effects are usually mild to moderate.  In a recent article in the American Journal of Psychiatry , Dr. John S. Schulman of Boston Children's Hospital wrote: "It's very difficult to predict the effect of the drug on the brain, and that is why it takes so long to show any clinical benefit."   The reason is not clear at this time. However, the side effects of the drug may include anxiety, paranoia/psychosis, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue.  There are currently no data on the long term effects of this medication.  This drug is also not approved for the treatment of PTSD. There are also concerns surrounding the potential for long lasting side effects. In a 2012 paper by Drs. David E. Schulman and David B. L. Smith , they wrote: "The effects of chronic administration or repeated dosing of  the anxiolytic compound anxiolytic-5-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-phenyl-2-(piperazinyl)-4-(benzylidene)-1,7-dimethylamine (A-AAP- It is also used in the treatment of other mental health issues.  The drug has been used in the treatment of depression as well as anxiety for more than a century. I'm not going to go into all the scientific side of what's in this pill, but what is interesting is that I've heard that there is no known side effects.  There is an FDA advisory on the use of this drug and they state that it has no known side effects.  The FDA states that "there are no known serious long-term adverse effects associated with this medication, including the development of addiction." It's also interesting that they state that the drug is not approved for use in pregnant women or children under 12 years old and it is not approved for use in children under 12 years old.  This is important for two reasons.  The first is that the FDA is not allowed to say this about medications, and this is why I wrote about how I think it's important for parents to understand that the FDA does not know the potential side effects.  The other reason is that the medication can cause side effects in the newborn and even adults that are not harmful, but the parents are supposed to know about these It is also effective in treating anxiety disorders and depression.  In one study, it was shown that the drug helped alleviate anxiety symptoms in patients with chronic pain, and it also helped relieve chronic muscle aches and spasms in those with Parkinson's Disease, a neurological syndrome that affects muscle control.  The drug does not appear to work in those with chronic pain, or in those with Parkinson's Disease, but there is some evidence that it could help alleviate pain in those with chronic pain, or even in the Parkinson's Disease group. This drug is not approved in other countries to treat chronic pain, and it has a very high side effect profile, but it is an excellent choice for patients who have not tried any other pain medications. In the United States, a single tablet is available in a single bottle.  You can use one tablet at night and another when you wake up.  If you have been taking opioids for a long time, you should consider switching to a prescription pain medication to prevent side effects or to reduce the amount of prescription pain medication you take.  A few companies make them available in single tablets.  It is also known as a sedative, muscle relaxant, antihistamine, and analgesic (for the treatment of asthma). Niacinamide is a compound found in natural and synthetic forms.  Niacinamide is often taken as a treatment for asthma and other allergic conditions.  It helps relieve muscle cramps and reduce pain.  Niacinamide may also be given as a prescription drug. Niacinamide is not a drug that should be taken by itself, but should be administered to help reduce pain, increase sleep, and reduce stress. N-acetyl-D-cyanoate (nDAC) is a substance found in fruits that is known to have antidepressant actions.  It is used as a treatment for depression and anxiety.  It also acts as an antidiuretic hormone. This medication can also be used to treat sleep disorders. Citrulline is a substance found in green tea.  Citrulline helps relieve fatigue and helps reduce pain.  It can also reduce inflammation and decrease pain.  Citrulline is known as a stress reducer. L-Arginine, She also uses a variety of different drugs and supplements that help control her condition in order to maintain her health.  For example, she's also a vegetarian, and uses fish oil in her diet, which has helped her with her anxiety. I also had the good fortune to meet  Alyssa , a young woman from Ohio who is a certified holistic healer.  She has taken many herbal supplements including B.C. Green Tea, which is the best of both worlds.  Her family also uses the B.Green tea in a wide variety of healing practices, and they're very supportive of my attempts at healing myself. I'm not going to lie to you, the most powerful thing about my healing process was the fact that I was getting the help of other people.  For the people around me, who had a different approach to their own healing journey, I was the best friend that they've ever had, and I'm so happy that I got to be their friend for many years. I've also gotten some amazing support.  The most recent person to come forward with a positive story about me and my recovery was  Jodi Breen , a nurse and holistic healing practitioner with It also helps with the effects of chronic pain. I have never taken this before. The last time I took it was a month ago.  I was at work, at lunch time, and at home, and I was feeling so tired I could hardly stand up.  I took 2 capsules and I was feeling so refreshed and happy that I had to take it again.  I felt like I had never felt so relaxed before.  It took me only 5 minutes to take it and the first thing I did was sit up and start to walk around the house, and then my body felt so much better.  It helped me focus on my work, my work and my work, and I was so excited to start a new day.   I took 1 more pill and it took just under 5 minutes.  I was so excited to start the new day, it felt like I had finally arrived!   I took the second one and it took about 4 minutes of sitting to get the feeling back.  I was still very tired and didn't feel anything for the first few minutes of taking it so I took it again and it took less than 1 minute to feel normal.  
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