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Sleeping Aids

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How Do I Take Sleep Supplements?

According to the Cochrane Database, there appears to be little evidence of an effect on symptoms of narcolepsy, and not much evidence for an effect on narcoleptic children on any medication. However, there appears to be weak evidence of benefit compared to standard treatment for sleep disturbances. The majority of recommended supplements are stimulants that can cause side effects and are not intended to be taken by pregnant or attempting to become pregnant. If you have insomnia, consult your own medical care provider when considering these supplements.

There is no evidence that sleeping aids have any effect on people with narcolepsy. People who work in industries where high levels of sleep are needed, for example in sales, marketing, or in research, might benefit from taking a sleep supplement, but the benefit is very modest.

A Sleep Clinic

There have been reports of a sleep clinic in the United Kingdom that can help treat narcolepsy but the reports are not much confirmed with current data. According to the American Sleep Association, the sleep clinic has no licensed status in the UK and is not a health care provider. They also lack all registration as a medical practice in the states. In addition, it is very difficult for any type-1 addict to acquire access to sleeping powder, as many of its legal distributors operate overseas or can only be obtained by paying exorbitant prices. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, this is also untrue as they have documented instances of pharmacies selling sleeping pills to users. These reports are not conclusive evidence to date.

However, since the early 2000s, patients or others seeking to make a sleep change have been seeking out these clinics, who may have been founded before or may be based outside the United States. The American Sleep Association says that many of these centers are run by legitimate health facilities, and they should not be considered a legitimate treatment facility in the United States. If you go to a sleep clinic, be prepared for an uncomfortable, stressful, and possibly illegal visit.